Episode 3 - Looking for leaders is like playing Where’s Wally

Where have all the true leaders gone? Is the problem a global leadership crisis, or a personal dilemma?

We suspect it’s both. We also test the premise that if you want to go somewhere or get something done, you can’t escape some form of leadership.

The trouble is there’s stuff that holds us – all of us – back. We might be cranky, still blaming people for past failures, or we can’t quite muster the courage to lead others or ourselves.

Andy zeros in on the transforming initiative as a way forward. It’s a totally different approach to the leadership paradigm. Instead of blaming others, why not respond positively? Instead of arguing, why not listen? Where there’s disappointment and hurt, what about forgiveness? If you have an enemy, can you love them?

Yep, it’s the Jesus story, and it’s at the heart of leadership.

-Mark & Andy


Image Credit: William Murphy

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