Episode 6 - What have the Romans ever done for us?

This one’s for the cynics: Cynicism is easy. Changing culture is far harder. So how is it done?

Even from over here in the studio – hey, over here! – Mark and Andrew reckon they can see beyond a culture that disappoints and into something better. More importantly, they can see something lying deeper in you.

What’s that you say? Cue that Lion King soundtrack, and let’s get started.

We bump into things in our culture that we just don’t like. The way things are done around here is just too ingrained to fix, right? No amount of opinion articles, loud rants or inaudible grumbles work. Cynicism feels superior but we know in our bones it’s hollow. Why? Because we were created to create.

So how do we truly change culture?

Rather than throw rocks back at the rock-throwers or feed the trolls; culture change comes through creating new culture. Listen in for all this and more – for blessed are the cheesemakers.


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