Episode 7 - Inner grumpy old man, you have our attention

Start with some middle aged men and mix in a handful of unresolved issues. Add some frustration at how the world works, a healthy serve of hunger, and a dash of impatience. Finally, cook until you sense that golden out-of-control feeling.

The result? Well, surprisingly enough it isn’t very tasty.

This week, Mark and Andy tackle grumpy old men. The topic, that is. We didn’t hurt any real grumpy old men. Promise.

So where does this grumpiness come from, and is it justified?

Conventional wisdom says we should embrace our emotions, but what about anger, frustration and even rage? And are our emotions a reliable method of directing our behaviour?

Perhaps an answer lies in what the Apostle Paul called the fruits of the Spirit. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Obviously, they’re tough to just switch on. Fact is, we’ve got to head further up stream, to the headwaters, where God is working at our hearts.

Caution: this episode contains references to middle-aged men in lycra.


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