Episode 8 - New Zealand’s fourth most popular comedy-folk duo

The year is 1955 (or 1985) and George McFly utters those immortal words: “You are, my density.”
Wait. We’re not breaking down the difference between density and destiny…

Mark and Andy talk potential versus destiny. Apologies if your cliche siren is firing, but we want to nut this out. (Sorry-not-sorry?)

“Improve yourself! Be all you can be! Reach your potential!”
Is potential the golden calf? Something we created for ourselves to live up to, sink everything in pursuit of, but can never get to. Are we just setting ourselves up for failure?

Let strivings cease. Destiny brings security in the knowledge of God’s love. Infinitely better, so let’s stop feeding the ego and surrender to it.

Image credit: Kim Metso


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