Episode 12 - There’s a time in life for everything, especially Star Wars.

Is it possible there’s only one great story in the world? And is it possible we’re living in that story as illustrated by the Star Wars narrative?

The short answer is yes! It’s called the monomyth, and it’s reflected in the different seasons we all experience in life. The good season, the bad season and the times when we’re really confused about where next.

Here’s Mark and Andy’s thesis: if you’ve got a better understanding of what season you’re in, and what’s likely to happen next in your own personal Hero’s Journey, you’ll probably make a better decision.

Clearly they lean on gratuitous Star Wars references to illustrate the point, and keep themselves amused.

And here’s an insight worth listening for: seasons are good because they help us become seasoned! Make sense? Seasoned food is complex and tasty, just like Yoda’s cooking.

To doing the stuff listen, you will. Hmm?!


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