Episode 17 - Are you a good Dad? Why is Mark afraid of the school canteen?

Being a Dad is awesome. But the pressures of being a good parent can be an area of paranoia, especially for men. Being a parent is hard. Your kids do things to make you angry, we do things to let them down – are we doing a good job at this Dad gig? Is it even possible?

What does a good Dad look like? The question was put to Andy’s kids – and the results are in! Mark and Andy have some thoughts too – will your kids really ‘thank you later’ if you’re working hard for the money but not for a relationship with them?

It’s time to face the fact that there’s no substitute for time with your kids. And no, FaceTime doesn’t count, we don’t care how big your phone screen is. Don’t forget time with your partner, time with God and taking time for yourself.

Tune in for this and more, and let’s do the Dad stuff well.


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