Episode 13 - You can do anything, right? Wrong

You’ve heard this mantra. “Break free from your constraints, let it go, be whatever you want to be, your only limits are those you set yourself!” Well, it’s time for honesty, folks. Let’s face it, this just isn’t completely true. Let’s talk about knowing your limits.

We’ve all got limits, and they shape us. The number of hours in a day, sickness, and even our genetics are limitations. Just look at Andy. He’ll never make it to the NBA, no matter how often he practices.

So what’s up with the lie of limitlessness? It ruins expectations, makes us frustrated, super competitive and occasionally we taste failure.

Sound all a bit too sad? Fear not.

Mark and Andy discuss the upside of picturing a life of limits. Can we be okay with that? It’s a counter-intuitive conversation but accepting our limits can bring on times of growth and unexpected blessings.

Check out this show to discover the delight of knowing your limits and understanding a limitless God.


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