Episode 16 - Which story are you living in? Spoiler alert.

If our lives are stories we’re living in, what are the narratives running through yours, and how well does it really work? Is the narrative of your life…

The career story – working your way up a corporate ladder or studying hard to get towards that elusive role. Or perhaps it’s the family story, sowing your energy into security and opportunity for your kids.
How about today’s crowd favourite – experiences! Where will you travel to next? How will you keep moving through that bucket list? Even the religious story is ultimately similar, doing good and doing ‘right’, in the hope of later payoff.
At the end of the day, these stories are all broken – they do not satisfy – and the evidence of which is all too apparent.

Aware that it could sound like a Sunday school lesson – is the Jesus story actually what we all need?
Mark and Andy chat about a better narrative to live out, and it turns out we might not be the protagonist after all.

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