Episode 14 - Keep washing the dishes. Like, actually.

Duty, religious activity, and bad habits can kill your spark. That passion, drive, focus and energy in life you once had as a kid, the thrill of learning something new is gone. Instead, we’re stuck in routine, and we don’t know why we’re doing what we’re doing. It’s a big problem in the way we do church and work, but can appear in any area of our lives.

It happens to everyone, and our Doing the Stuff duo are on the case to work out why. Mark talks about washing the dishes. Andy talks in an irish accent, because, why not.

Perspective. Maybe the problem is that our field of view is shrunk to the size of the individual tasks. We’re so quick to take the meaning out of moments – we need to put the significance back in!

Find the bigger picture/story, no it’s not a waste of time. Hope is real. We are headed somewhere. For God hasn’t given us a spirit of timidity. Let’s get the spark back.


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