Episode 18 - What’s your MO with God? | Putting God in a box

Ever listened in on yourself praying?

MO is modus operandi – a particular way of doing something. Here, it’s the framework you use to think about God. How you address God might be a good way to start thinking about what your MO is. But the problem is, getting stuck with one MO with God – especially if it’s not based on who God really is – puts a big limit on your relationship. We’re putting him in a box.

We can get stuck feeling we need to please God – forgetting that the call is instead to put our trust in him. God’s not just our ticket to heaven, he’s not just a loving father, and not just our saviour either.

Tune in to Mark and Andy’s chat, as they discover just how compelling it is to be ever learning about God’s character.


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