Episode 23 - Stress is hurry sickness

We’re in a hurry. Everyone’s busy, and busy all the time. There are big decisions to be made, worries in the back of your head, and no end of the things to do. We’re stressed. When do we get off this horse?

Stress is hurry sickness. Or at least, it might be a good way to think about, says Mark. Meanwhile, Andy dabbles in some beginner neuroscience, limbic systems and frontal cortex whatnot.

So how do we rid ourselves of stress, and get some space? Naming what you’re feeling, speaking it, writing it down – praying, singing! Allows us to stop simply ‘reacting’ and actually make a good decision on how to deal with it. It might not be for the faint hearted! But it’s really, kinda necessary.


  • Cast all your anxieties on him because he cares for you – 1 Peter 5:7
  • The spirit helps us in our weakness – Romans 8:26-27

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