Episode 30 - The 12 pains of Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and stressed, right? There’s nothing like deadline pressure to focus the mind and bring about lots of stress-inducing situations.

This week Mark and Andy help alleviate your worries with some well-timed catharsis. Introducing Mark and Andy’s Handy Guide to the 12 Pains of Christmas!

Sit back, relax and enjoy knowing it’s not just you. We’re all facing very similar dilemmas, and sometimes you just need a bit of a laugh before carrying on.


Oh, and if you want a cheat sheet on the episode, here’s the list.

Mark and Andy’s Handy Guide to the 12 Pains of Christmas

  1. The family letter. Should we finally get around to writing a family letter, or perhaps send out some Christmas cards? Here’s to the lazy option – just say Merry Christmas to everyone on Facebook.
  2. Which side of the family for lunch this year? And, remind me, where did we go last year?
  3. Respect the salad. Remember it’s easy to overlook the vegetarians in our midst. Give them a salad to end all salads.
  4. To church or not to church, that is the question. Take your pick from the itinerary of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services in your neighbourhood.
  5. Present budgets matter. How many pressies for the kids, cousins and relatives? What’s your per-gift budget? And keep an eye on the date – there’s a deadline coming.
  6. The Office Kris Kringle. Just what do you get for the colleague you know nothing about?
  7. That awkward Santa conversation. When do we break the news to little Johnny?
  8. Juggling small people. The kids are off school, but you’re at work. That’s a problem.
  9. Shopping centres with music. Lots of Christmas music, and it’s mind-numbingly bad – but you still need last-minute presents. Ear muffs anyone?
  10. Caring is sharing. ‘Tis the season for giving, so look around for opportunities to give back in your community.
  11. Respecting other faiths. Does everyone get a Merry Christmas, or is it Happy Christmas? Happy Holidays? Or something else?
  12. The Christmas Day dilemma. More socks, undies and shirts. What to do with those “special” gifts? Smile and wave, folks.

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