Episode 31 - Don’t just sieve your flour

Torrent. Inundation. Drinking from a firehouse… It’s been a big year.

Rather than flicking quickly to the next year we thought we’d have a crack at some reflection. But how? 2016 was huge. How do you pick through it, gleaning the good stuff, the lessons, the keepers, noticing where God’s at work and not let the headlines dissipate the important. Mark and Andy DIY a 2016 sieve, a set of questions to help you digest the year that was. They stick to them, sort of.

Join us for the last huzzah this calendar year. Play along at home. We look forward to seeing you on the other side!


Reflections Questions:

  1. Best and worse decisions of the year?
  2. Best meal?
  3. Best book?
  4. Best conversation?
  5. Biggest lesson as a boss?
  6. Biggest lesson as a husband?
  7. What are you looking forward too in 2017?

Reference Links

Guardian Article – Poverty porn vs empowerment: The best and worst aid videos of 2016

Look Beyond Borders Video: 4-Minute Experiment – Amnesty Poland

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