Episode 45 - All the world’s a stage

Most people would say they’d rather do anything else than public speaking, but sometimes we’re up on a stage that may not always look like one. Let’s face it, we’re not all Bono.

Maybe it’s in a family or work setting. A platform on the internet, an expression of creativity or position of authority. Where is your voice and influence heard? And what should you do with that?

Perhaps it’s because Mark has been crutch-ridden with a busted ankle, he’s been thinking back on his trip to America which culminated in a U2 concert. Andy’s been talking to his kids about being famous…

How do we use the stage, that is our life? Do we hold back, afraid it might not work out, not one hundred percent confident of the foundation which we are on? Andy and Mark talk about how to steward the stage well, setting out to do what we’ve been called for – taking example from the King who took the cross, rather than crown.

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