About the Podcast

Doing The Stuff is a podcast about going somewhere. It’s about where you are right now, where you want to be in the future, and the space in between.

Make sense? If not, just listen, it’s probably quicker.

Doing The Stuff is co-hosted by Mark Jones and Andy Starr, two mates who are a little bit pleased with themselves because it’s a great excuse to catch up every week.

Who are we? Middle aged white men with amazing wives (one each, obviously), lots of children (multiple kids each, not obviously), and jobs that involve sitting at desks. We’ve lived a bit, and been around the block a few times. But don’t worry we’re too jaded, yet? Oh, and we’re Christians. No, not the Ned Flanders Christian. Sigh. And no, not the crazy “happy clappy” cliche either. Although we will give you a long answer about the stuff of life if you’re asking…

So, put us somewhere in the radical middle where real life, faith, grace, mercy and authenticity coexist.

Mark and Andy

So why are we doing this thing? Two reasons.

The fun reason: Podcasting is fun, laughing is fun, and thinking about life and working out how to do the tough stuff is, perversely, fun.

The serious reason: We think something’s missing, and we need to talk about it. We’re talking about the space between the lines. The tension and conflict that exists when you wrestle with life. You want to be someone, or go somewhere, but it feels HARD.

So what to do? Well, in our humble opinion, it’s worth getting your stuff sorted out.

Enter Doing The Stuff.

We’re the guys interested in the stuff that that runs through your head when you’re listening to a sermon or reflecting on a TED Talk. You know what we’re talking about – the vague questions, worries, cynicism, and anxieties that whirl around and won’t go away. Let’s talk about that stuff.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this isn’t an interview show. We might do interviews in the future, but honestly, there’s enough out there already. This show’s kinda different.

So that’s enough about us. Have a listen, subscribe to our email and podcast feeds then say hello! We’re old school and still love email, so don’t be shy. What should we talk about on the show?

Mark & Andy

Doing the Stuff team

Mark Jones – Co-host + stuff
Andy Starr – Co-host + stuff
Daniel Marr – Production Manager + stuff
Jonny McNee – Producer + stuff
Chris Gresham-Britt – Designer/developer + stuff

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